Is my insomnia due to taking organic sulfur?

Woman cannot sleepCustomer writes: I have been experiencing insomnia since I began taking your product. I take a teaspoon of sulfur in the morning and that’s it. Is this common? What do you recommend?

My Response

The onset of insomnia may be attributed to the flooding of oxygen to your system. Sulfur transports oxygen and how someone utilizes that oxygen is up to their own biology.

Sulfur interacts with your body in a 12-hour cycle that can be altered to two cycles, 6 or 8 hours apart. For addressing insomnia, we suggest taking your doses closer together in time and away from the circadian sleep cycle (such as taking your second dose no later than 4pm) or right before you go to sleep – not bed but sleep.

Students take sulfur to study for finals. While sulfur can keep you awake, that is due to the oxygen. A large percentage of Cellular Matrix Study members have noted that when they take sulfur right before they turn off the lights, they almost immediately enter into a dream state, which is the prime time when cells undergo their repair and regeneration.

Over the years, the Study has found that taking sulfur once a day is usually counter-productive. It is the repetitive sulfur cycle that provides the optimal benefits. Contained in the water we drink, the oxygen flow should cease when the sun goes down.

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