Patrick McGean answers several FAQs about organic sulfur

Customers and readers often pose the same questions to me about organic sulfur. In response, I produced a four-minute audio MP3 file of a conference call involving a customer of mine who was given an opportunity to consult with my organic sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean. To protect the identity and privacy of the caller, I transformed her words digitally using speech synthesis technology.

FAQs answered during the conference call

• What is the source of your organic sulfur?
• Given my weight, how much water should I drink each day?
• Should I filter my water before mixing it with the sulfur?
• If I forget to take my second dose of sulfur at the normal time, what should I do?
• Can you explain the connection between the sulfur and methylation cycles?
• What is the average age of the active participants in the organic sulfur study?
• Do you have any documentation to support what you’ve learned about organic sulfur?

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