For minor cuts, try applying a water solution of organic sulfur

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never cut yourself accidentally on a sharp piece of glass or while preparing a meal using a kitchen knife. If you ever cut yourself in this manner (as I did recently) and want to stop the bleeding quickly, try placing several drops of an organic sulfur solution onto the wound in addition to wrapping the affected area with a paper towel or napkin and applying pressure.

Obviously, you cannot apply the water-based sulfur solution directly on your wound at the time of your accident unless you prepare a batch beforehand. I use the same recipe that I recommend to customers who want to know how to make an eye drop solution that consists of organic sulfur dissolved in water.

Using Organic Sulfur Topically

Dissolve ½ teaspoon of the organic sulfur crystals in 2 ounces of water. Make sure the water you use is chlorine-free, which interferes with the sulfur. Using hot tap water is fine, while cold tap water usually contains chlorine. When using hot tap water, let the mixture cool down before adding the sulfur drops onto your eyes or on your skin. Storing the sulfur solution in a spray bottle works great! While organic sulfur officially has a three-year shelf life, it should not lose potency when stored at room temperature, and that small amount will likely be used up quickly. For personal and health reasons, many prefer using glass bottles over plastic, while the choice is up to you.

When treating dryness of the eyes, organic sulfur drops can be applied as often as you wish, while three times a day (morning, noon, and night) will often suffice.

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