MSM for Hair Growth: Does It Really Work?

Hair Structure

by Will Hartfield, guest contributor
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With a variety of chemical-laden hair growth products on the market today (such as Rogaine and Propecia), natural treatment methods seem almost outdated. What if I told you, however, that an all-natural supplement, one which is found naturally in our bodies and abundantly throughout the world, could help to lessen hair loss and even promote hair growth?

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I felt sick after taking organic sulphur so I stopped

Customer says, I didn’t feel well after taking your organic sulphur for a couple of days, so I stopped. I consulted my alternative health care provider who concluded that my reaction must be due to impurities in your product that were having an adverse effect.

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Are we being poisoned by the air we breathe? PART 2

(l.) Valley of Fire, Nevada, Jan 1981 (r.) Vehicle traffic in Northern California, Oct 2017

These two photographs from my private collection reveal the extent in which the atmosphere that we depend upon for life has changed dramatically over the span of 36 years.

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Are we being poisoned by the air we breathe? PART 1

Solar radiation management system using a tethered balloon to inject sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere

Take a deep breath. Slowly exhale and then take another breath. Now reflect on the state of your health. Are you often tired and low on energy? Do you suffer from one or more respiratory or neurological afflictions that do not clear up using conventional treatment and medications? Finally, go outside and look up at the sky. What do you see?

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Are You Having an Allergic Reaction to Organic Sulfur?

Reader says he notices excess water retention and body swelling whenever he takes a large MSM dose of 7.5 grams (1.5 teaspoons) or more. He wonders if this is a normal response and why the supplement is affecting him in this manner.

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Does your MSM really come from trees and not petroleum?

Reader says, “I have been under the impression that all pharmaceutical companies synthesize their MSM out of petroleum and that none make their product from trees anymore. Is that true?”

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Recovering Naturally from Smoke Inhalation Injury

Maintaining proper hydration is essential to reduce the likelihood of an adverse response to taking organic sulfur. Avoiding dehydration also applies to anyone who has experienced smoke inhalation from major fires. Recently, firestorms have raged in California, Portugal, and Spain, so there is a vital need for survivors in those areas to take proactive steps.

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