Taking Organic Sulfur Doesn’t Help? Here Is Some Advice

Impatient WomanAn organic sulfur customer informed me recently that taking the product for 8 consecutive months has caused her Parkinson’s disease and associated tremors to become worse, rather than improve. The only improvement she could attribute to sulfur was some skin softening.

Our overall health is strongly influenced by the various elements that make up our environmental terrain as well as the food and liquids we consume. What are the known toxins that you are exposed to on a daily basis? For instance, does the water that you drink originate from a non-fluoridated or non-chlorinated source? Are you staying properly hydrated during the day?

Not everyone will see health benefits by taking organic sulfur. That’s a given that isn’t limited to this food supplement. In some difficult cases, a significant amount of time may be required before positive changes become readily apparent.

With regards to Parkinson’s and related diseases, organic sulfur cannot regenerate the myelin sheath overnight, especially since this patient is somewhat advanced in years. After discussing her case with my sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean, we advised her to increase her dosage from 1 to 2 teaspoons, twice a day, and to use hot tap water to dissolve the crystals, since the cold faucet of most municipal water sources contains chlorine which blocks the uptake of sulfur.

Because my customer wears contact lenses when she is outdoors, she doesn’t take in the beneficial ultraviolet rays through her retina. For this reason, we also suggested that she go out and buy an inexpensive black light that she can shine on herself in the privacy and convenience of her home.

From my correspondence and conversations, I learned that she was also taking an epilepsy drug along with organic sulfur. Could this drug be interfering with sulfur? I don’t know.

The data compiled by the 15-year-old Cellular Matrix Study originates from over 300,000 members who are taking organic sulfur and reporting what they notice. If the product doesn’t appear to be providing any material benefit, please let me know immediately by submitting your comments on the Contact Us page of the Organic Sulfur For Health website.

By doing so, I can solicit the expert opinions of various resources at my disposal to determine what is going on in order to recommend a corrective strategy.

Impatience is not a disease symptom. It’s simply human nature.

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