If Exercise Makes You Sore And Achy, Read This

Dance couplePhysical exercise can take on a variety of forms. It may be a simple and pleasurable pastime like gardening, hiking, or golf, or a more aerobic activity like bicycling or tennis.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a common tendency among exercise enthusiasts to overdo their workouts. Sore joints and muscles may result when our bodies are misused in this manner. If you can relate to this common health malady, stick around to learn how I help my body recover quickly without taking pain pills or strapping on wrist and knee supports.

My preferred form of exercise is couples dancing, with hiking coming in a distant second. Whether my dance activity of the day is Ballroom, Swing, Squares, or Waltzes, I know I will subjecting my body to repetitive arm and leg movements. Having properly fitted dance shoes and stretching before stepping onto the dance floor are vitally important. So is pacing myself throughout the course of the dance session.

Several times a year, I register for weekend dance events that start on a Friday night and end Sunday afternoon. During the 2013 Memorial Day Weekend, I participated in a special dance weekend that required me to hike uphill from the base camp to the mountain cabins and back down again at the end of the event (a distance of 4.5 miles each way). When I went to bed after the event had concluded, I was certainly tired from the dancing and the hike. But I wasn’t sore, nor did my muscles ache in the morning after I awoke from sleep.

When I first started dancing 35 years ago, I survived solely on my youthful makeup and enthusiasm. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of dancing in Russia, Belgium, and many parts of the United States, and appeared in several community theater productions where I acted, sang, and danced in front of audiences.

These days, I attribute my stamina on-and-off the dance floor to taking a teaspoon of organic sulfur twice a day. The sulfur in the supplement transports oxygen to my cells to allow them to regenerate in a healthy manner and provide the energy needed to complete a full night of dancing.

You won’t find a bottle of Advil or similar pain reliever in my medicine cabinet.

Got sulfur?

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