Next time you suffer from a sore throat, take organic sulfur!

Woman clutching her throatReceived email from a customer who said that when she was a child that taking organic sulfur cleared up her sore throat in seconds!

Sulfur is an essential nutrient that affects the health of our hair, skin, and nails. A number of Cellular Matrix Study members brush their teeth with organic sulfur to improve the health of their gums, so it makes sense that taking organic sulfur orally (1 teaspoon for adults, 1/2 teaspoon for children weighing under 100 pounds) may prove to be beneficial whenever you are suffering from a sore throat.

Customer feedback is always welcome, and if you have a similar story to tell about taking organic sulfur either as a topical remedy for skin issues or for internal use, please email info at

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2 Responses to “Next time you suffer from a sore throat, take organic sulfur!”

  1. nisar chowdhari Says:

    I have mitral valve problems, can taking organic sulfur alleviate my conditions

  2. admin Says:

    Organic sulfur has been used successfully to help heart patients, and as the mitral valve is part of that organ, it’s very likely that you would notice improvement by taking the product. Can you be more specific as to the nature of your health condition? For instance, have you undergone open heart surgery in the past?

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