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Author Topic: Patrick McGean Calls for Substituting Sulfur for Vaccines
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Post Patrick McGean Calls for Substituting Sulfur for Vaccines
on: August 1, 2013, 21:51

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Dear Health Insurance Man from Tennessee,

A society that stays healthy (soon to be a non-existent category in the USA, if current trends continue) runs counter to the interests of corporations that depend upon a steadily expanding supply of sick people.

Public figures like Bill Moyers are firm believers in the necessity and efficacy of vaccines. They fail to acknowledge and realize that vaccines are synthetically produced in laboratories solely to enrich the pocketbooks of their patent owners and have proven to be extremely deadly to our seniors and children. Autism and Alzheimer’s can be described as opposite ends of the same man-made disorder triggered by the presence of heavy metals and preservatives that are injected into the immune system — a system that is normally served and protected by sulfur-based amino acids. Yet a majority of Americans ingest virtually no sulfur because that vital mineral was taken from our diet starting in 1954 with the rapid implementation of chemical fertilizers.

You say you are no longer a corporate official and that you are an activist. I co-host two-hour radio broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday evenings heard on The MicroEffect and on American Voice Radio. Both you and Bill Moyers are invited to listen into our weekly broadcasts where you may be able to learn a thing or two from a study which has tried to kill every member.

Except for 32 who are no longer breathing, the rest of the 170,000 who are actively participating with me in the Cellular Matrix Study (average age 77) are claiming improved health and greater mental clarity. We test sulfur on each study member, including their dogs, cats, and birds.

Sulfur can return reason to the land. In 1999 the corporate establishment tried to make gobs of money off of my son's illness. Only 16 years old at the time, my son was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. After he began taking organic sulfur, he eventually recovered from his illness. He is now 30 years old.

Screw the insurance vultures who bet against We, the People. I am 67 years into this learning process and our study members have no complaints when they call to reorder their sulfur. I would like to remind you of the year 1880 when the unwashed peasants of County Mayo, Ireland, turned Charles Cunningham Boycott’s name into a weapon no corporation can survive.

Welcome to the World of “We the People” and the money we choose not to spend.

Patrick McGean
Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project est. 1999

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