Organic Sulfur May Be The Secret to Boundless Energy

By Dale Komai, Sales and Marketing Director

Skater's legsHow Do You Avoid Pain After Workouts?
What do you do to stay healthy and fit? Do you skake or take long bike rides or work out at the gym? Perhaps your chosen form of exercise is to swim or jog or play tennis or golf? Or maybe you spend hours outside tending your garden or hiking along mountain trails. Whatever activity you choose to engage in, you’ll likely continue as long as you don’t end up feeling extremely sore and out-of-breath for an excessive amount of time. On the other hand, would it interest you to know that there is a natural food supplement available to help you recuperate quickly so you can get back to doing what you enjoy?

Pine treesPain-Killing Relief From Wood Pulp Waste
Who would have thought that Doctors Stanley Jacob and Robert Herschler – two chemists originally employed by Crown Zellerbach – would discover an amazing and natural pain-killing substance out of the lignin waste that was being generated at paper and pulp processing plants?

As one of their many research experiments, the two chemists tried oxidizing the wood pulp. In doing so, they stumbled upon an organic sulfur compound called dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) that when applied topically, could speed up healing from cuts, burns, and sprains. Industrial workers afflicted with arthritis and asthma also noticed that they felt better after coming in contact with DMSO water. Other medicinal uses for DMSO were found and documented in research papers after the original discovery. DMSO, however, is noteworthy for its peculiar odor and can cause skin irritations when applied topically. After further experimentation, researchers came up with a white crystalline and edible form of DMSO called methylsulfonylmethane (MSM, for short) that has similar medicinal qualities without the odor and skin irritation.

In subsequent years, Dr. Jacob became a leading advocate and pioneer in the MSM movement, using the substance to treat a host of common health ailments, including carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle aches, lower back pains, whiplash, and sports injuries such as tennis elbow. In 1999 Dr. Jacob and Dr. Ronald M. Lawrence co-authored one of the definitive books on the subject called “The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain.”

Thoroughbred RacehorsesThe Racehorse Trainer’s Secret Weapon
Competitive horse racing is a field where MSM has been used as a health aid for years. Trainers have found that giving MSM to their prized steeds prior to races and workouts lessens the risk of cramping and prevents muscle soreness. In subsequent years, pet owners have noticed that their dogs and cats exhibit more energy and that their furs are soft and sleek-looking when they add small amounts of MSM to their animals’ water bowls.

No pain pillsHow Organic Sulfur Benefits My Health
A very small minority of individuals are blessed with the physical skills and desire to become a professional athlete. In my case, I’ve never excelled at running or jumping or competitive sports like baseball or basketball. On the other hand, I can hold my own on the dance floor, exhibiting a level of stamina that enables me to go out dancing as often as three or four nights in succession. While many of my fellow dance enthusiasts rely on medicines or wear support braces to counter their occastional aches and pains, I am able to spin and swing freely without such accoutrements. I firmly believe that taking organic sulfur twice a day is helping me in this regard.

Sulfur: Atomic Number 16Why Sulfur Is Essential For Our Well-Being
Sulfur is one of the 24 essential minerals of life. Every day our bodies consume up to 750 mg of sulfur and a fresh supply needs to be provided every 12 hours. Sulfur possesses detoxification properties that enable the mineral to convert 92 elements (including heavy metals like aluminum and mercury) and 146 compounds into sulfates which the body can safely remove. The one key element that does sulfur does not sulfate is iodine.

Our bodies use sulfur to transport oxygen so damaged cells can be repaired and new healthy cells can be formed. Sulfur helps cell membranes manage the constant ebb-and-flow of nutrients and waste products. Without sufficient oxygen, our bodily system breaks down and we become susceptible to modern diseases like cancer.

Not all organic sulfur is created equallyWhat Makes Our Product Different?
You may be under the impression that there’s no difference in the composition and quality of organic sulfur among different vendors. MSM is just a generic term for the same product, right? Please allow me to share our advantages:

First, many MSM products on the market are heated to over 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, their MSM is usually pulverized into a powder to make it easier to ship. Finally, if your MSM consists of capsules or tablets, then you’re also ingesting common anti-caking agents and fillers like silicon dioxide or calcium stearate along with the sulfur. All these additional processes effectively negate sulfur’s health-giving qualities. To obtain the maximum health benefits, make sure you obtain organic sulfur crystals that are derived from the highest quality lignin (wood pulp) of pine trees.

The MSM Miracle

Fukushima’s Radiation Release: How to Protect Yourself, by Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD

Health Talk Hawaii

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