• The first medium density fiberboard manufacturer in Guangxi
  • The first listed enterprise in Guangxi forestry industry
  • The first production line for super-strong articleboard in China
  • The first group of artificial board enterprises selected as national-level "Green Factories"

Fenglin group (SH601996) was the first medium density fiberboard manufacturer , and founded by Mr. Y.C Liu in 2000. After 11 years of making high quality medium density fiberboard and serving the Chinese high end furniture market, Fenglin group had a successful Initial Public Offering in 2011 and became the first wood products producer from Guangxi province to be listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Fenglin has since become one of the largest wood panel producers in China that provides a full range of engineered wood products. All of our six production bases are equipped with advanced Conti-Press production lines made by German manufacturers. Our total production capacity is over 1.8 million cubic meter of medium and high density fiberboard and particleboard. In addition to wood products manufacturing, we also own 13,400 hectares of eucalyptus plantation base that ensures continuous supply of raw materials to our production lines.

Since the beginning of Fenglin group, the Company has been guided by Mr. Y.C Liu’s vision of becoming “using wood products to change the ways people live in China ". Fenglin has not only become a financially successful company but also a responsible corporate citizen. We are able to achieve socially responsible growth by constantly investing in technologies that provide us with manufacturing processes that have minimum impact to our community and sustainable use of natural resources. Fenglin was named by members of the media, government and industrial peers to many honorary lists, such as "National Brand of China's Panel", "top 100 Enterprises of China wood industry", "top 100 Brands of China Household industry", etc.

Core Advantages

Fenglin adheres to the harmonious coexistence of employees and the company, the company and society, and the company and nature. It takes people-oriented approach and gives back to society, pursuing a green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly development path.

Fenglin's employees uphold the core values of "integrity, responsibility, pragmatism, innovation, and tolerance", and practice the work style of "speaking the truth, doing real things, looking down, and problem-oriented". They come together like a rope for the company’s joint development, and continuously strive towards the strategic goal of "Leading in China, World-Class".

"Originated from society, giving back to society" is Fenglin's unchanging original intention. Since its establishment, Fenglin has invested a lot of manpower and funds to support education, assist rural infrastructure construction, create local employment, and constantly give back to society.

Green and low-carbon are Fenglin's eternal color. They "turn waste into treasure", improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources, and develop a man-made board business that benefits the country and the people. During the production process, Fenglin continuously reduces or even eliminates the environmental impact of the factory through upgrading equipment and technology, promotes green and low-carbon environmental protection production, and helps achieve the "dual carbon" goal.


Eight Major Production Bases, Forest Board Integrated Group
Fenglin Group has six particle board and fiberboard production bases equipped with internationally advanced large-scale continuous press machines, one chemical plant, and over 200,000 acres of rapid-growth artificial forest bases across the country, located in Guangxi, Guangdong, and Anhui provinces. Among them, Nanning, Qinzhou, and Huizhou are the particle board production bases and Baise, Mingyang, and Chizhou are the fiberboard production bases. The combined annual production capacity of particle boards and fiberboards has reached 1.8 million m³.
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